Frequently asked questions

Do I Need An Accountant?

In a word, YES! The tax code can change frequently and our experts stay up to date on the most current information. It’s also beneficial to your business. With year-round bookkeeping, we can keep you on track financially and let you focus on what you do best.

I Need Help Getting My Payroll In Order. Can You Help?

Absolutely. Whether you have a one or two employees or more than a few, we can ensure that you are paying them accurately and on-time.

I've Gotten Notices From The IRS, What Can I Do?

No matter how complicated your relationship is with the IRS, we can help! Call us today. (888) 407-7764

Can You Amend Past Tax Returns?

YES! If you have made mistakes preparing your own returns in the past, make an appointment with us. We can help!